What is the difference between removable and permanent vinyl (adhesive)?

Removable vinyl is great for indoor areas safe from prying fingers. It looks great, but can be peeled off fairly easily. It has a matte finish.

Permanent vinyl has a much stronger waterproof adhesive and is great for public areas and outdoor settings. It is washable and can take abuse (resistant to UV rays, fading, and tearing). It too can be removed, but not without some work. Permanent vinyl has a glossy finish.

What is the cost difference between a city skyline made in removable or permanent vinyl?

There is no difference, the cost is the same.

Will my city skyline decal stick to a textured wall?

Yes and no. Our cityscape decals just need to have lots of contact with the wall. If the texture is very light and mostly flat they should stick fine. If the wall texture is heavy, has protruding peaks, spurs, or is not mostly flat (like "orange peel" texture), then the decals will not have enough surface area to adhere to. Test your surface by placing an average sticker of any kind on it. If that works fine, our high quality material will probably work better. We cannot make any guarantees they will work in your situation, but for textured walls we recommend you choose the permanent vinyl option (instead of removable) because it sticks better.

Will your city skyline decals work on a painted cinderblock wall?

Maybe. The cityscapes just need to have lots of contact with the wall. If the cinderblocks have a really good quality coat of paint or have been painted multiple times, they probably now have lots of smooth surface to adhere to. If they are not relatively smooth with lots of spurs and protruding texture, then the protruding texture will keep the silhouettes from reaching the smoother, secure wall surface. Another consideration is the mortar between the bricks. If the mortar is relatively level with the brick/wall surface (and is painted well), it will probably work. If the mortar is not relatively level with the wall but is concave, it will make it hard (but not impossible) to apply the decals to the wall without them being suspended as they bridge the gap between bricks. We cannot make any guarantees our decals will work in your situation, but for all textured walls we recommend you choose the permanent vinyl option (instead of removable) because it sticks better.

If I remove a city skyline silhouette will it damage my wall?

Removable vinyl can be peeled off fairly easily. We have never known of a single case when our product has caused wall damage. However, we cannot guarantee there will never be a problem nor be responsible for any damage: use at your own risk. Permanent vinyl sticks much better and could take off loose paint or cause similar problems.

How do I apply my city skyline silhouette?

Applying your decal is fairly simple. All you have to do is peel off the backing paper, stick the decal on a clean smooth surface and then peel off the front transfer tape. Every order comes with application instructions and a practice decal. See our Application Instructions page for more application details.

Can I use my city skyline decal outside on a sign, car, boat, etc?

You bet, just be sure you select the permanent vinyl option. We make our permanent vinyl decals out of the same material others use for high-performance automotive graphics (not the cheap vinyl). It is waterproof (washable) and resistant to UV rays, fading, and tearing. It can handle all kinds of weather and conditions.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, anywhere in the world.

How long will it take to get my order?

About 5-10 business days (in the U.S.). For faster service, there is a rush order option available during checkout.

Will my city skyline decals come ready to apply?

Yes, your vinyl skyline decals will come ready to apply with the transfer tape already on them. Every order comes with application instructions and a practice decal.

Are your city skyline decals reusable?

Our vinyl decals are not meant to be removed and reused again. (Some people have successfully done so, but we make no guarantee.)

How long should I let new paint cure before applying my city skyline silhouette?

New paint has an oily surface until it is fully cured. Allow a month or so for new paint to cure before applying your cityscape silhouettes. Test the surface with the practice decal included with every order.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, just contact us and let us know what you want.

Why don't you offer smaller custom city skyline sizes?

Your custom city skyline silhouette decal can be any size up to the size limit you purchase. Our first tier is "up to" 22 x 36 inches. The reason for this is because most of our cost is in the creation of the cityscape silhouette (making it into a cut-able, mathematical object) and not the material. Additional copies of a custom city skyline can be ordered economically in smaller sizes using our Additional Copies option in the Custom Decals product category.

Can I see what my custom city skyline silhouette will look like before I make a purchase?

Most of our cost is in the creation of the city skyline silhouette and not the material. It is very time intensive to create the cityscape as a cut-able (mathematical) object. For this reason we do not begin work until after the order is placed.

Will you send a proof of my custom city skyline decal?

Certainly. We will email you an image of the finished custom cityscape silhouette for your approval before we cut it out.

Can I order multiple copies of a custom city skyline at a reduced rate?

Yes, order subsequent copies of your custom city skyline from our Additional Copies option in the Custom Decals category.

What if I ordered a custom cityscape silhouette before and want another copy of it?

You can order another copy using our Additional Copies option in the Custom Decals product category. We will cross-reference your name to find your previously ordered custom cityscape silhouette on file.

How big can you make a city skyline decal?

Single piece decals can be up to 11 x 4 feet (3.4x1.2 meters). Larger decals can be divided up into sections that size or smaller. Really there is no limit to how big we can make a cityscape silhouette. 11 x 4 foot sections can be placed together to create enormous images.

How should I store my cityscape decal until I am ready to use it?

Vinyl silhouettes should be stored in a closed container. The white backing paper needs to be kept dry.

What is the difference between a decal and a sticker?

For us, there is no difference. We use the terms interchangeably.

Can I get the outside of the city silhouette instead of the inside to use it as a stencil?

Absolutely, just place your order and let us know that is what you want in a reply to the order confirmation email. Some people have used the outside of our vinyl decals as stencils for glass etching.

How do I remove a cityscape silhouette decal?

With tweezers or your fingernail, grab the corner of the decal and pull it off at a tight angle. If needed, the decal can be warmed up with a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive.

Can I design something and have you make it into a vinyl decal?

Yes, we do this frequently. Just contact us for a price quote.

Will my large city skyline decal come in one piece?

Most of the time, yes. If you order a custom cityscape that is larger than 12 x 4 feet, it may come in more than one piece. If so, the pieces should to be placed together slightly overlapping. Our vinyl material is so thin it is hardly noticeable.

What is your return policy?

We create custom art to the specifications of our customers. Each purchase is made to order. For this reason we do not allow returns.

What is your privacy policy?

We keep your email address completely private and do not store any financial information whatsoever.

Can I overlap decals?

You bet. The vinyl is so thin, you can easily overlap decals for special effects.

Can I use the "wet method" to apply my permanent vinyl decal?

Yes. Our permanent material is waterproof so the "wet method" works great for applying large city decals to window glass or similar surfaces. To apply using the "wet method," spray liberally the destination surface and the sticky side of the vinyl decal (after the backing paper has been removed) with water containing a small amount of detergent soap. Place the decal on the wet surface. Starting in the middle, use a credit card or squidgy to press the water and bubbles out the edges. Continue this effort until all of the bubbles have been removed. Leave it for a day or more until the decal has dried and you can remove the clear transfer tape without pulling off the decal. The "wet method" will not work with decals made of removable vinyl. (Removable vinyl it is not waterproof.)


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